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When the Chips are down Call Dicomp

(PC & Mac)

* Computer won't boot?

* Having a problem connecting to the internet?

* Need us to get rid of those pesky pop-ups (ad-ware and Spyware removal)?

* Need viruses removed?

* Is your system slowing down (Let us speed up and optimize your system)?

* Have a new system you need set up?

* Need a new printer installed?

* Need your transferred to your new system?

* Need software installed on your system?

* Have a computer problem but don't know what it is (We can diagnose and repair hardware problems)?

* Want to access your work computer from home or your home computer from work?

* Need Windows reinstalled?

* Want to upgrade your computer?

* Setup and configure wireless router and other wireless equipment

* Laptop Repair and Support

* Need help setting up other equipment (TVs, cameras, smart phone, etc.)

Fast and Affordable
When the chips are down call Dicomp
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