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Watch Out for
Computer & Phone Scams
Dicomp’s List of Things to Know

  • Microsoft will never call you to let you know your computer is having problems or is infected with a virus. These scammers say "We are from the Windows" or "We are Windows calling" (or something like that). The idea is to scare you into letting them into your computer with the scam of fixing the problems for you). These "fake hackers" say they are "technicians" and usually have a foreign accents.

  • Be careful when you use Google for help, be sure the companies are reputable and be sure you are calling the right companies. It is common to Google "Microsoft support" and get a fake companies! This is common.

  • Never call numbers that pop up when you are browsing the internet, these are fake virus alerts.

  • Never let anyone that calls you into your computer. If you called me for an appointment, this is ok, however just someone calling you out of the blue is NOT OK.

  • If you are not sure, just hang up and call ME and I will let you know if it’s a scam or real (313-886-0183). If I am not available, tell them you have a computer person and will call them.

  • If your guts says no or you feel weird, hang up and turn off your computer immediately. Even if you allowed them in your computer, they will say things to scare you into paying. Unplug your computer from the wall and call me immediately is what I recommend. Remember, if they are in the computer and you don't pay, this is when bad things will happen. They will destroy your computer and delete your data making your computer inoperable.

  • Do they steal your data? From what I have heard this is a maybe, they mostly they want to get your credit card, or bank account numbers and charge you for fake services. If you did this, you can call your credit card company and they should charge back that service. Remember if they are remoted in and you don’t pay, it is usually TOO LATE. They will erase all your data or lock you out of your computer!

  • Do they destroy your data? YES!! Usually this happens if you let them into your computer and don’t pay or ask for your money back and they are in your computer. This has happened to a few of my clients.

  • Do they lock you out of your computer? Yes, and sometimes they put a virus on your computer if you don't pay or ask for your money back.

  • Please share this with your parents, friends and family. Anyone that you feel will benefit from this information.

    The phone scams are getting worse and are more destructive than in years past. These fake scammers rely on the fact you and your friends and family do not know what is going on, they feed on your fear. They expect you to NOT KNOW.

    If you want to discuss getting your computer on a backup plan, we can assist. Please call me at 313-886-0183 or schedule a time on my calendar to discuss your options. If you are a business owner, please make sure your data backed up. Many people say yes and it’s not being backed up!

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