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Residential & Commercial

DiCOMP offers a wide variety of services specialized for both business and residential. No business is too small for DiCOMP, Inc.

Business and Residential Services We Offer:

  • Computer won't boot?

  • Having a problem connecting to the internet?

  • Need us to get rid of those pesky pop-ups (ad-ware and Spyware removal)?

  • Need viruses removed?

  • Is you system slowing down? Let us speed up and optimize your system.

  • Have a new system you need set up?

  • Need a new printer installed?

  • Need your data moved from your old to your new system?

  • Need software installed on your system?

  • Need help installing other equipment on your computer (ipod, PDA, camera, smart phone, etc.)

  • Have a computer problem but don't know what it is? We can diagnose and repair hardware problems.

  • Want to access your work computer from home or your home computer from work? Let us setup remote access.

  • Need Windows reinstalled?

  • Want to upgrade your computer?

  • Connect multiple computers together or to the internet

  • Setup and configure wireless router and other wireless equipment

  • Laptop Repair and Support

  • Mac Repair and Support

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